Wilson Ultra Team V3

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Lightweight, maneuverable, and powerful, the Ultra Team v3 makes a statement with its superior playability and versatility. Inspired by the performance and design of the new Ultra franchise, the Ultra Team accommodates a wide range of playing styles and levels with its geometry and power. Racket comes pre-strung with Wilson Sensation 16L/1.25, an arm-friendly string built for comfort.

  • Head (sq cm)645
  • Head (sq in)100
  • Length (cm)68.6
  • Length (in)27
  • String Pattern16x19
  • Strung balance (cm)34
  • Strung balance (pts)+0
  • Strung weight (grams)297
  • Strung weight (ounces)10.48
  • Taper System (mm)23-26-21 DTB
  • Unstrung balance (cm)33
  • Unstrung balance (pts)-4
  • Unstrung weight (grams)281
  • Unstrung weight (ounces)9.91