Babolat RBEL Power

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If you are a tennis player you probably know the Babolat brand well, in recent years they have become the top brand. They have now entered picklaball with a line of stylish pickleball paddles with a version for any game style.

Are you ready to make a statement and stand out from the crowd ? If you're a performance player who prefers a heavier paddle to dominate the game with power and control, you’ll love the Babolat RBEL Power.

  • (C3H6)N Honeycomb with EVA core - A high stength to weight ratio EVA enclosed polypropylene honeycomb core
  • Core - Thickness: .55in / 14mm
  • Graphite Skin - A strong, lightweight material for instant responsiveness, explosive power and ultra precision
  • Syntec Uptake Grip - The ideal balance between durability and absorption
  • Shock Resistant Bumber - A strong edge guard to protect your paddle when the game gets rough