Head Velocity MLT String

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Value hunters looking for a comfortable multifilament with above average control and spin potential have come to the right place. Constructed with an army of ultra flexible filaments Velocity MLT offers an arm- friendly feel with low vibration and minimal shock on off-center hits. Unlike Head Reflex MLT, Velocity's filaments are bonded with a PA resin, which is firmer than the polyurethane resin used in the majority of premium multifilaments. To further enhance control, Velocity's core is surrounded by 30 thicker filaments. As a result Velocity is slightly firmer and more control-oriented than the average multi, making it easier for the player to swing big and load the ball with pace and spin. Head also adds a special low-friction coating to boost durability. All in all, this is a great option for non string breakers who want a comfortable multi with above average control and spin-potential.

Try this 1.25mm version for slightly more power and feel than the 1.30mm version.

  • Gauge: 17/1.25mm
  • Length: 40ft/12m
  • Composition: Multifilament - 1,000 filaments and an outerwrap of 30 filaments bonded with a flexible PU resin, with a low-friction additive in the coating